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COVID-19 Guidance

This is our current guidance with regards to Covid-19 across all of our facilities.

Face Masks

The wearing of face masks and face visors in and around our facilities is optional. Please respect the choice of other individuals, who also have the option to wear face masks.

Social Distancing

There will be no restrictions on mixing with other households and we will be activating equipment previously out of use in the gym. Please be respectful of the personal space of other members. Please sanitise your hands regularly.


Cleaning stations will remain in all clubs, as will the requirement for members to clean equipment both before and after use. Please be courteous to your fellow members, and adhere to these rules.

Members Lounge

In centres where Cafe Bars are situated, you may sit in groups. Household mixing limits will be lifted. Please respect people’s personal space in these areas. 


Class capacity will return on a phased approach and we will increase numbers, where possible. Members will need to clean down any class equipment before and after use, please arrive on time.


We will ensure that our centres are ventilated appropriately and we will keep windows open to ensure that fresh air is available.


In the interest of hygiene, please try to avoid paying by cash if you can to keep our staff safe. 

Pool & Relaxation Area

Capacity restrictions on our pools, saunas, steam rooms and spa pools will be relaxed further allowing increased numbers. Please respect people’s personal space in these facilities and observe the signage in respect of maximum numbers.