When will Swimming Lessons re-start?

Swimming lesson will restart on Monday 27th July 2020. The first monthly payment will start from 1st August 2020. Don’t worry we will automatically reinstate your payment plan, so you don’t have to do anything.

Will the monthly price be different?

We wrote to all members in late February or early March confirming the new prices from 1st April 2020, we have not increased any prices since then.

What if I don’t want to re-start?

Don’t worry, you can freeze your payment for August free of charge and re-start lessons in September, however unfortunately we can not guarantee your current class day, time or teacher when you re-start in September as swimmers constantly move up and spaces continuously change. If you wish to freeze please click here.

Is it safe to re-start Swimming Lessons?

Over the closure period we have been working with Swim England who is the National Governing Body for swimming and will be following the ‘Return to the Pool’ guidance produced by Swim England and Public Health England.  As Covid Secure sites will have increased our cleaning and operational plans to exceed government requirements.

How does chlorine water affect Covid-19?

Scientific studies have shown Covid-19 along with most bacteria cannot survive in Chlorine Water, the swimming pool is one of the safest places. All our pools follow strict filtration and testing processes.

Will the number of swimmers per class be reduced?

We have reduced the number of swimmers per class, this varies between pools. Each swimmer will have a designated area to swim in.

I am concerned my child may have forgot how to swim?

Don’t worry, we will be re-assessing all swimmers over the first 2 weeks and will update our online tracking system. You will find they will soon remember all the skills very quickly. 

My teacher is normally in the water, will this still happen?

The Swim England Guidance encourages all teachers to teach out of the water, if our teachers do need to be in the water, they will ensure they are always social distancing.

What else maybe different about the swimming teachers?

We hope you do not see to many changes, unfortunately our teachers will not be able to help swimmers with googles or arm bands.

What about the equipment used in the lesson?

Scientific studies have shown due to Covid-19 not being able to survive within chlorine water then as long as equipment is dipped in water between use it will be safe. However, we will be reducing the use of equipment and ensuring it is not shared between swimmers. Also, most of our pools will offer the chance for you to purchase your own equipment (normally on a kick board will be needed) and then bring this to each session. Just remember to write your swimmers name on the kick board.

Will I be able to watch?

These is very dependent on each pool and space available; each swimmer will only be able to be accompanied by 1 parent or guardian. Café seating and generally area seating may have been removed.

What about the changing rooms?

Our changing rooms will be open, we ask for all swimmers to arrive “swim ready” so they just quickly need to remove clothing and then go onto poolside to a designated waiting area. After your lesson you can either quickly get dry and changed or wrap up warm and get changed at home.

What about showers?

Swim England guidance advise all swimmers to shower at home before and after each swim. Our showers will be closed.

What about lockers?

Some lockers will be available but if possible, we ask you to bring a bag to store clothes in and be taken away with the parent / guardian during the lesson.

Will my lesson start time change?

There may be some changes to lesson times as we may need to stagger start times to reduce overcrowding in changing rooms. We ask for swimmers to arrive ONLY 5 mins before a lesson and be on poolside in the designated waiting area 2-3 mins before the lesson starts. This allows the lesson before to finish and leave while the next lesson have already left the changing rooms.

Will there be any other changes at the pool?

Everyone will be asked to sanitise hands on entry and exit of the building and we have increased sanitisation station throughout the site, some sites will have one-way systems in place. Please have a look out for new signage and have a read on your first visit.

What if my question hasn’t been answered?

You can contact your pool direct and they will be able to help, please be aware we are expecting a lot of enquires so there maybe a delay in response time.