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Where did it all start?

Since I can remember I’ve always been both passionate and dedicated towards sports and exercise-physiology. From being able to walk I’ve played football and continued to do so competitively until I couldn’t take it no further. I focused more time into my passion bodybuilding which I found at a young age, from training at many garage gyms in the past and so found I liked the discipline and dedication that’s required for one of the most demanding sports in the world.

The fitness industry soon then led me down different paths such as CrossFit, Muay tai and fell running. Although the demand for both training and learning was immense at a fast pace, my drive for knowledge and passion helped to carry me further.

Over the years, I’ve not only studied the bodies capabilities and the way in which we’re able to change the bodies cardiovascular/functional fitness, but also how the bodies composition can be altered when the correct knowledge and methodologies are applied. I then started introducing my knowledge to my friends and family, and then to those who were interested in learning about what I do. This is where personal training found me, and it then became my full-time job.

So why choose me?

From the beginning of starting personal training, I wanted to acquire as much knowledge into both the various fields and advanced training concepts. And so, studied hard and independently within sports medicine, which than eventually gave me the amazing opportunity to work with a variety of individuals including athletes (i.e., Footballers, Bodybuilders, Cricketers, Client transformations/Fat loss and competitive runners). Additionally, this enabled me to both help and support my clients in any way they require, such as passing fitness tests within the Police, Fire service and armed forces selection.

I understand for the majority, that planning time away each week for the gym isn’t always easy alongside work and family, as not everyone had the luxury of having that flexibility. But it certainly is possible when each session is utilised, with good planning alongside having a clear set out of goals acquired from using both the right training and nutritional plans.

I train a wide verity of client’s regardless whether they’re experienced or not, as I provide personalised plans for all my clients, in order to help achieve high quality results.