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Where did it all start?

In 2019 I had some health problems due to the lifestyle I was living and made a decision to become fitter and healthier. As part of this journey, I signed myself up for a White Collar boxing event. My mother told me she was ill the day I was accepted for the event. The event was raising funds for cancer research and this gave me even more motivation to change and improve my circumstances. I knew from that day the journey I had started would become part of my life forever. Since that time I’ve spent countless hours at parks in Sheffield, Barnsley and Huddersfield training callisthenics as well as cycling and boxing.

My decisions changed my life and mindset through training and healthy habits giving me confidence and a feeling of fitness I have never had before. During lockdown I started my gym instructor qualification, later I applied for a job at Your Space Dearneside and over the past year since I started working here my skills in teaching and coaching have improved massively.

So… Why choose me?

I understand the benefits of regular exercise and training to achieve goals and the benefit it can have not just mentally but physically. I’m always trying to make training fun but productive.

I have achieved Level 2 instructor qualifications followed by a Level 3 Personal Training qualification, and I’m currently working on my Level 3 GP Exercise referral. This will enable me to help others become unstoppable and change their lives too.

My specialty is calisthenics (bodyweight training) so if you’d like to get into this exciting new way of training I’m the coach for you.

I can help with learning…
• Handstands
• Handstand Push Ups
• Muscle up
• Front Lever
• Back Lever



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