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Where did it all start?

I have trained many years myself predominantly as a Weightlifter/bodybuilder increasing in weight and size from 9 stones to around 17 stones. I was first introduced into weigh training in order to gain weight as I was looking to enter into the R.A.F and was told I was too light to start the intensive training regime so from that moment I would say I took to building quality muscle whilst keeping fit. At some point I also did my share of martial arts and having more strength definitely helped my effectiveness.

So… Why choose me?

I would say I am someone who is here to push you within your limits and possibly at times beyond as I am very results orientated and look to give 100% and strive for the best for you.

I am here to help you with various Health & Fitness goals from losing weight, gaining strength/muscle, getting ready for a show or improving your sporting discipline performance from say Golf to Football and many others also using various techniques. Some of these techniques would be Plyometrics, Isometrics, Strength training, Hypertrophy training, Progressive overload techniques,  super sets, drop sets, Pre-exhaust techniques, Blood pooling, Rest & pause etc..

I also have an extensive knowledge of Food & Nutrition and believe this alone can make a massive difference in reaching your goals sooner when implicated properly.



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