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Where did it all start?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been involved in sports. Playing table tennis for England from a young age, I was also a professional dancer and part of a dance crew that took some regional titles and made it onto Sky 1’s “Got To Dance”. I was also a cheerleader for the championship league, working with Sheffield Wednesday FC and Barnsley FC. 

Throughout school, I studied Physical Education and continued to take part in all team sports, and then in my early 20’s, I found the gym and swapped partying for health and fitness.

My own fitness journey began with taking part in group exercise, and then in my mid 20’s, I found a love for strength training and balanced nutrition. I began modestly sharing my passion for fitness and the benefits on social media as I knew how amazing it felt to be strong and healthy, and after a 10 year career in the corporate world and itching to get into the fitness industry, I quit my digital marketing job and re-trained full time to become a certified personal trainer and nutritional advisor, so I could finally realise my dream.

In March 2018, I qualified and have worked full time at Your Space Worksop ever since. In 2019, I wanted to enhance my knowledge, so I prepped myself and competed in a bodybuilding competition and went PRO, taking 1st place in my first show.

I’m now a UK Bikini PRO bodybuilding champion.

And in 2020, I became co-owner of a midlands based group exercise business, working both outdoors and online with clients from all over the world throughout lockdown and into 2021/22

So… Why choose me?

Since qualifying in early 2018, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, both face to face and online, of all genders, various ages, and with a vast range of abilities.

I’ve challenged myself multiple times to gain inarguably important first-hand experience, from bodybuilding to bulking, to training for fitness events or learning new skills; All these combined have allowed me to learn so much and confidently offer a variety of different services to my clients.

I pride myself on being professional but down to earth, taking an empathetic and flexible approach to fitness and nutrition, not only being your coach and mentor but being a friend and motivator.

I understand that no one person is the same and ensure sessions are tailored, enjoyable, challenging and different every time, making sure my clients get the most out of their time with me. I love seeing my clients grow stronger physically and mentally and believe in themselves more every session.

I work with people of all genders and ages but specialise in female strength, fitness and nutrition, and thrive seeing my girls become the queens I know they can be.

You can work with me for personal training sessions both 121 or with friends, nutritional support and guidance, training programmes for any goal, and online coaching.



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