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Where did it all start?

I’m not coming down from the mountains as someone who’s never struggled with the whole health and fitness thing; I get it! But, after personally battling my baby belly, completely changing my eating habits & becoming stronger than I imagined I could be, both mentally & physically, I fell in love with this lifestyle. So much so I made it my mission to help others do the same & Bear Fit was born!

So… Why choose me?

My approach is simple (but significant). I educate my clients on how to carry out exercises safely, with correct form & find out what works for them whilst encouraging small, sustainable changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle. It’s a step by step approach that will lead you to colossal results!

I aim to get exercising off the ‘chore’ list & on to the ‘I’m doing this for me’ list!

Fun Facts

I lived on cheese & ham toasties & pizza (not recommended, but I get that it’s yummy, it’s all about the balance). My dad used to pay me £1 to eat a sprout (bribery works). I started with zero strength & felt like I’d been hit by a train after my first PT session (the DOMs are real, but you might find that ultimately you kind of like them). The name Bear Fit came from a tattoo on my leg of a fierce mama bear watching over her cubs. I’m a dreamer & a doer.



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