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Where did it all start?

My personal fitness journey started at a very young age when I walked through the doors of a boxing gym.

I boxed amateur for 4 years reaching the national schoolboy finals of England at the age of 15.

After boxing, I began weightlifting where I became passionate about bodybuilding and sculpting my physique. From my late teens up to the present, weightlifting and nutrition are now engrained in me and are part of my daily life.

Why choose me?

Due to my boxing history, bodybuilding experience and nutrition knowledge, I can make training fun while at the same time changing your physique helping you towards your personal goals.

I know how hard you have to train to reach your potential and will squeeze every ounce out of every session.

I also offer tailored nutrition and training plans adding more structure to your journey so you can learn what and how things work over time.



Instagram: Ibbo_088

Mobile: 07707122605