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Where did it all start?

Growing up I have always been involved in a number of competitive sports from Football to Cricket and even Athletics, but never really hit my potential. I would put most of this down to a poor diet and yoyo dieting, which at the age of 17 I realised I wanted to stop and get my body into shape. Starting the gym was nothing new to me at that age but even then I never truly had enough knowledge.

By the time I hit 19 I was training 6 times a week at the gym and involved in mixed martial arts 3 times per week. Over the course of 2/3 year this became my life and I learnt a vast amount of knowledge about how to fuel the body for performance in sport.

So… Why choose me?

From 2013 I have worked with a number of different individuals from former Olympic Athletes, Professional Cricketers, Sports Rehab, Competitive Bodybuilders and General Client Transformations. I don’t like to see myself as a one dimensional coach, I have vast experience and tailor my programs specific to the person.

I also offer personalised Nutrition & training plans for people all over the world including Dubai, Bulgaria, India & of course here in the UK.



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