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Parent and Child Lessons

Make a Splash Together at Your Swim Academy!

Calling all water babies aged 3 months to 4 years and their parents/guardians! Our Parent and Child Lessons are all about bonding, smiles, and creating magical moments in the water. Join us for a splashing good time!

Dive into the Fun:

• Discovery 1&2 (3 months to 1 year): Let’s dip those tiny toes into the water!

• Duckling 1&2 (1-2 years): Quack, splash, and build confidence together!

• Duckling 3&4 (3-4 years): Dive into the next level of water play with our playful lessons.

Ready to make memories and build water confidence with your little ones?

Sign up to our Parent and Child Lessons now and let the aquatic adventures with Your Swim Academy begin!

Take this short quiz today, and let’s figure out the perfect starting stage for yourself and your child. We’re thrilled to see you and your little one making waves in no time! Dive in and discover the best fit for their swimming adventure!

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