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About Your Space Royston

We’re proud to be based in Royston, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, where Your Space Royston launched in September 2019. It’s fair to say we’ve changed quite a bit, departing from our previous brand Fitness Flex to create a brand new environment where fun and friendly is commonplace.

Our feel good factors

We’re social

Our clubs are very social, there’s always a warm welcome and a real social atmosphere at Your Space.

We’re honest

We know everyone has their own personal fitness goals. That’s why we work with you to help you achieve them.

Price for life

The price you pay when you join, is the price you’ll pay for life. It pays to stay!

We’re not for profit

We reinvest the money we make back into our facilities.

Royston Leisure Centre
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Jordan WilsonJordan Wilson
15:49 23 Sep 23
I haven't been to this place for since end of 2016 but I've had a good experience today loving it I am coming tomorrow ☺ ☺ ☺
Christine SindallChristine Sindall
16:28 16 Sep 23
DJ AndyBDJ AndyB
12:38 21 Aug 23
Jeff AitchisonJeff Aitchison
10:46 15 Aug 23
Eleanor SmithEleanor Smith
08:47 08 Jul 23
Ian JonesIan Jones
21:46 05 Jul 23
Lynne HaskettLynne Haskett
20:02 05 Jul 23
Very pleasant staff always helpful.
Georgina SmithGeorgina Smith
11:05 09 Jun 23
Members of the gym and swimming, use it regularly and always find it clean with happy, friendly staff that go above and beyond. The female lifeguard is very good with kids and encourages mine to push herself which is what she needs.
Andy LettinAndy Lettin
17:45 28 Mar 23
Good all round workout good facilities.
chris lawtonchris lawton
19:45 26 Feb 23
were there most Sundays for baby swimming classes 9 months old and she loves it
jade baldwinjade baldwin
08:52 14 Feb 23
First time I've been to this swimming pool. Nice size pool and not busy. No slides ( which we knew) or floats out but kids loved it. Will definitely go back. Clean and spacious changing rooms .
mark finneymark finney
00:38 27 Jan 23
Needs better forward planning of class leaders!
katie Buckleykatie Buckley
14:22 28 Oct 22
A great place for a swim and the gym if you enjoy going to either
Faiyaz KiddiFaiyaz Kiddi
19:36 28 Jul 22
So I joined this gym at the beginning of 2022, after 10 years of not stepping into one. I was out of shape and unsure of what to do. I was pleasantly surprised by the facilities available at this gym and the amount of things you get for your subscription. The staff are super-friendly and are always happy to help. I had my induction with Louise and she has been helping me achieve my goal by tailoring a workout plan for me. Definitely the best gym I've ever been to.
Mark HirstMark Hirst
20:14 30 Jun 22
I used to love coming to Royston Gym but ever since the new year the place is pretty much always packed. There just isn't enough equipment to serve the amount of people who use the facilities. It's a shame really that they haven't extended the Gym area given the sudden surge of new starters.The swimming baths are adequate and the staff are friendly throughout. Not too keen on the booking system via the app. You're lucky to get a space half the time but if you want to cancel you have to make sure you do it hours before or you get a strike. It used to be 1 hour before but seemingly that has changed now.Back to the Gym. For some reason Gary who was a trainer at the gym has left which I found a shame as he was quite the personable guy and really looked after the gym equipment. He wouldn't stand for weights being left all over and he would clean the floor regularly. I think it still gets cleaned but I am not sure it's as often. I have also trained in the gym when there have been no trainers present to keep an eye on things. This is only a recent thing not sure why! I would be concerned that if anyone had a heart attack or required medical assistants then who is going to help with the defibrillator.My most recent gripe is the fact that the gym although sweltering doesn't seem to have air-conditioning activated. Honestly, this must be some sort of a trick to make folk leave sooner as you literally sweat in buckets before having to leave through dehydration.Come on Royston gym management. We pay enough to have a really good experience inside of the premises and for some reason more recently this really does not seem to be the case.
Linda-May DareLinda-May Dare
18:46 26 May 22
Joined the Aqua splash today and loved it.sadly not on next week.cant wait for the next week.
Alex KAlex K
18:03 05 May 22
Good overall council sports centre, staff are helpful but could do with more swimming times as always a struggle to get the times you require
Rosie HudsonRosie Hudson
15:37 26 Mar 22
Great for schools to go to. X
Mudite JonesMudite Jones
14:50 19 Mar 22
Very friendly and polite staff, had very informative induction by Sarah who was easy going and knowledgeable. Lots of equipment, can't wait for next time.
Alex SwithenbankAlex Swithenbank
19:00 28 Jan 22
Pretty decent leisure centre. Adult lane swimming is few and far between. Seems they cater more for aqua airobics and clubs over than your average fitness/leisure swimmer. Gym facilities aren't bad. There's enough there to get each muscle group. Changing rooms could do with a refurb but they are clean enough.